Baby, It’s Cold Outside
10 best bets for curing the winter skin blues


In&Out Different Beauty Whitening Mask

Rich vitamin and mineral extracts like aloe vera leaf juice, shea butter, wheat germ and sot protein help to even skin tone while gently soothing and smoothing complexion. A blend of vitamins A, C and citrus extract work to reveal a brighter complexion and radiant skin.



Marsha Mason’s Resting in the River Boost Juice

Radiate from the inside out with a strong immune system, aided by this organic spray, which was created for the cold weather season as a natural immune booster. Healing ingredients such as osha root, spilanthes, yerba mansa root, yerba santa leaf and licorice root help break up upper respiratory congestion and promote clear bronchial pathways. Even better? All Resting in the River organic products are produced from the herbs and plants on Marsha’s farm in New Mexico, which utilizes holistic and biodynamic principals.



DNA + COPPER Crème de la Copper

Your face finally gets the moisture it’s been craving with this recovery boosting treatment that deeply nourishes skin to help revive dull, lifeless skin, remedy the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and restore moisture and firmness. The intense moisturizer is formulated with a special copper peptide complex, ceramides, antioxidants and DNA repair mitosomes, which deeply penetrate the skin to get you through the winter chill and beyond.



Miss Oops Pedicure in a Bottle

Winter’s the worst for rough feet. Make it up to your tootsies with a dose of this all-in-one treatment, which exfoliates, smoothes and hydrates. Formulated with shea butter, salicylic acid, peppermint, menthol and lavender, this on-the-go pedicure leaves your feet feeling silky smooth.



Seventh Generation Hand Wash

Your hands show age faster than your face, and harsh winter climates can take down even the prettiest of hands. But you’ve got to wash them frequently to rid yourself of all those cold and flu germs floating around. Be kind to your hands and Mother Earth with this purely plant-derived, hypoallergenic cleansing soap housed in a biodegradable bottle.


Available at multiple retailers, including Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond.


Schick Intuition Plus Renewing Moisture with pomegranate extract

Cold or not, your legs (and more) are likely going to get some air time, especially if you’re in that lovely engagement period or are tying the knot during this chilly season. Toss the regular razor, and replace it with this unique one-step razor, which delivers moisture and advanced skin benefits unlike any of its competitors. It lathers and shaves at the same time. The four-blade razor is surrounded with a solid stick of moisture infused with antioxidant-rich pomegranate extract that works to help skin look refreshed, renewed and kissably soft.


Available at most retailers.


Dr. Hauschka Eye Contour Day Balm

The delicate parts around your eye can easily become more damaged in cold weather outside and dry heat indoors. Protect, moisturize and fortify the skin with this seriously effective balm, which promotes elasticity, as well as visibly smoothes wrinkles and protects it from the harsh winter elements.



Lipid Repair Serum

Before braving the harsh cold, don a shield for your face and eye area with this regenerative serum, which performs intensive repair of the skin barrier and protects exposed skin from harsh irritants. Anti-aging ingredients include olive squalane (great for moisturizing and oxygenation), meadowfoam oil (forms a moisture barrier), pomegranate seed oil (helps prevent skin cancer while repairing damaged and dry skin) and ceramides (an intercellular lipid crucial to the skin’s role as a protective barrier).


gay-weddings-winter-beauty-skincare-verde body balm

80 Acres Verde Body Balm

Once you’ve endured the pain of chapped skin, you never want it again. A classic moisturizer, olive oil is a rich skin healer. 80 Acres premier collection of Verde, body products infused with McEvoy Ranch-produced organic extra virgin olive oil, includes the ultimate healing balm, comprised of 81 percent organic extra virgin olive oil and jojoba oils, beeswax and vitamin E.



Johnson’s Baby Oil Aloe Shea and Cocoa Butter

Baby your skin with a slathering of long-lasting moisturization enriched with shea butter and cocoa butter. Tip: Apply from neck to toe as soon as you exit from the shower (before drying). Wait a few minutes for it to absorb. Lightly towel dry. Then seal in the moisture with your favorite body lotion.


Available at most retailers.