The almost unbearable heat has consumed almost the entire summer, and it will most likely continue into the fall. Unfortunately, that may mean cranky guests and a testy bridal party. Don’t let your day be ruined by a scorcher—be prepared to beat the heat with these easy breezy suggestions.



Cute accessories are a fashion savvy way to create a little shade. They’ll not only be darling for the bridal party, but they’ll add a splash of color to the congregation. Leave the parasols on the guest seats or offer them at the wedding venue entrance.



For a nice breeze, try doubling the wedding program with a fan. Or show your rainbow love and supply each seat with a different colored hand-held fan. This way, guests can cool themselves at their own discretion.



Make sure to keep hydrated. Nothing cools someone down like a light refreshment. Think fruit-infused water, Popsicles or snow cones for a pre-wedding treat or a reception snack. Try to avoid heavy items like ice cream that may easily stain outfits.




Popular attire for beach weddings, linen suits can really help in the heat. The fabric is light and can help your body breathe, which will avoid embarrassing sweat stains and body odor. Consider letting the male attendants go sans jacket if the weather gets really bad.




Plan in advance; on your RSVP wedding invites, tell your guests to wear hats and sandals. This way, comfortable attire is guaranteed and complaints won’t be tolerated. Consider hats for the wedding party as well, so the sun will stay out of everyone’s eyes.