Becca and Gesa’s engagement photography session comes to us from Sonya Lalla Photography, a husband-and-wife team in St. Louis, Missouri. Becca and Gesa’s photos offer up an ethereal, romantic wrap-me-up-in-your-love feeling that I’m completely smitten with. The “12” tattooed on both of their wedding-ring fingers has an edgy, modern thrill with a “we’re in this forever” message. This couple gives off a vibe of everything I think a relationship should offer: love, romance, comfort, safety, friendship, chemistry, dependability and happily ever after. —Kirsten Ott Palladino

From Gesa: “Becca and I met through mutual friends around Thanksgiving in 2008 at Layal’s, a local hookah bar. We started going out December 12. We were there when the hookah bar closed its doors for good. It was symbolic for us that we were there for it’s closing considering it brought us together.

We got engaged on our anniversary on 12/12/11 at the Moonrise Hotel. I purchased a quarter gumball machine from eBay and filled it with fake rings and placed the Moonrise Hotel logo on each side to make it look like it belonged in the room. Hers was the second one to come out. Obviously she said yes!

We will be getting married this year on our five-year anniversary in snowy Vermont (since same-sex marriages aren’t legal in Missouri yet); our friends and families will join us for our reception at the Palladium in St. Louis two days after Christmas.”

becca-gesa-lesbian-engagement-sonya-lalla photography-saint-louis-wedding-photographer-1

becca-gesa-lesbian-engagement-sonya-lalla photography-saint-louis-wedding-photographer-2

becca-gesa-lesbian-engagement-sonya-lalla photography-saint-louis-wedding-photographer-4

becca-gesa-lesbian-engagement-sonya-lalla photography-saint-louis-wedding-photographer-5  becca-gesa-lesbian-engagement-sonya-lalla photography-saint-louis-wedding-photographer-7

becca-gesa-lesbian-engagement-sonya-lalla photography-saint-louis-wedding-photographer-6

becca-gesa-lesbian-engagement-sonya-lalla photography-saint-louis-wedding-photographer-9

becca-gesa-lesbian-engagement-sonya-lalla photography-saint-louis-wedding-photographer-10

becca-gesa-lesbian-engagement-sonya-lalla photography-saint-louis-wedding-photographer-12

becca-gesa-lesbian-engagement-sonya-lalla photography-saint-louis-wedding-photographer-14

becca-gesa-lesbian-engagement-sonya-lalla photography-saint-louis-wedding-photographer-15

becca-gesa-lesbian-engagement-sonya-lalla photography-saint-louis-wedding-photographer-16

becca-gesa-lesbian-engagement-sonya-lalla photography-saint-louis-wedding-photographer-18


Photos by Sonya Lalla Photography