Deciding on a wedding bouquet style can be hard—there are countless combinations of flowers and styles to choose from. Since Equally Wed has been lucky enough to feature over 50 couples in our Real Weddings, we’ve seen some breathtaking arrangements. Although all of them are romantic and beautiful in their own right, here are our top five bouquets from Real Wedding couples.



Dressed in beautiful, vintage white wedding gowns, Jenna and Christina were married in Westbury, N.Y. Their lovely yellow, orange and green flower bouquet exudes a natural, homegrown feel. Bayview Florist and Montage, the creators of the matching bouquets, are located in Massapequa Park, N.Y.




Sharda and Anna were married in Jersey city, N.J., in September 2011. Not ones for settling, the dynamic duo had individualized bouquets with different flowers tailored to their personalities. Although both bouquets were vividly orange, Anna had long-stemmed tulips and white calla lilies while Sharda had callas and orchids.




Diane and Sonya, a South Carolina couple, tied the knot in April, 2012 in Massachusetts. Accompanying Diane down the aisle was a beautiful bouquet of colossal hydrangeas with delphinium accents. The iconic flowers with the pastel and watercolor hues give the bouquet a classic southern touch.




Bright orange, purple and jade roses, combined with purple stocks and lilacs, created the bridal bouquet on Nicki and Carolyn’s wedding day. Married in Glendale, Ariz., Nicki’s colorful bouquet perfectly complemented Carolyn’s boutonniere during the ceremony. The bombshell colors really popped out against Nicki’s white gown and Carolyn’s black suit.




In September 2011, variations of purple and white came together to create a modest yet artful bridal bouquet. Courtney and Katie, who were married in Provincetown, Mass., used purple irises and Picasso calla lilies for the bouquet and matching boutonniere. The beautiful blossoms matched Courtney’s sash on her wedding gown and Katie’s suit shirt.


Photo: Real Wedding Jenna and Christina, photography by Alan Abrams Photography; Real Wedding Sharda and Anna, photography by Ron Soliman Photography; Real Wedding Diane and Sonya, photography by Diaz Digital Photography; Real Wedding Nicki and Carolyn, photography by Robert Godridge Photography; Real Wedding Courtney and Katie, photography by Boro Creative Visions Photography