A New Jersey judge ruled today in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage in the Garden State. The ruling stated that not allowing same-sex marriages in New Jersey would violate the state constitution now that the federal government recognizes it.


Andreia + Veronica in Newton, New Jersey. Photo: Deneemotion Boutique Wedding Cinema.

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Judge Mary Jacobson says now that the federal government recognizes gay marriages, not doing so in New Jersey would violate the state constitution.

“Same-sex couples must be allowed to marry in order to obtain equal protection of the law under the New Jersey Constitution,” she wrote.

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As it stands, couples will be able to marry beginning October 21. This makes New Jersey the 14th state where same sex couples can legally marry.

Gov. Chris Christie is opposed to gay marriage, and his administration is expected to appeal.

In Friday’s ruling, the judge accepted the position of lawyers from gay rights groups that the state is now blocking citizens from receiving federal benefits.

New Jersey’s top court ruled in 2006 that gay couples had to have the same legal rights as married couples. Same-sex couples in New Jersey presently can enter into civil unions.

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