male-eyebrow-shaping-gay-wedding-groomingUnder most circumstances, men might think that eyebrow grooming isn’t really necessary. In some sense, it’s true; standards of beauty for men aren’t quite as strict, and bushy eyebrows are kind of in right now (here’s to you, Darren Criss). If you’re like me, you’ll just drag a razor through your unibrow once a month and you’re good to go.

When it comes to special occasions, however, sometimes it’s apropos to kick things into a higher gear. If your eyebrows are a little unruly, the big day might be a chance to tame the beast. We caught up with Shaila Mehta of Reinvent Salon in Green Hills, Calif., for tips on what styles are best for your face shape.

Why the long face: If your facial features are more elongated, it’s probably best to go with a very flat-shaped brow. By separating the parts of the face with a straight line, it actually creates the illusion that the face is shorter.

Always round up: For faces that tend to be a little more round and soft, try putting in an angular edge to give your face more a more angular structure. Not only will it create a sense of sharper edges, but eyebrows with angles tend to emphasize the eyes.

Don’t be such a square: So maybe your features are a little sharper and more pointed. In a sort of inverse to the rounded face, shaping your eyebrows into a curve can really add some depth and dimension. Taper your eyebrows off at the end to suggest a hint of elegance.