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We’ve written before about creating a beautiful wedding without busting your budget, and today we’re going to talk a little about finding the right rings, without breaking the bank.

The wedding and engagement rings are symbols of your commitment to each other, to the life you want to build together, and to the struggles you may have overcome to get to the altar. It’s only natural for you to want the best. However, just like your wedding, the cost of your rings should not overshadow your love, and neither should it leave you swimming in debt. 

Below are some tips for finding the right rings, at the right price.

Set your budget, and stick with it.

Some jewelers will tell you to spend the equivalent of three months’ salary on the engagement ring. This means that if you make $50,000 you should spend about $12,500. However, if both of you are planning to wear rings, things can get pretty sticky of one partner makes significantly less than the other. It’s better to set a budget that you can both live with and find rings within that range. If you are worried about dealing with pushy sales people, you can always shop at online retailers like Front Jewelers, Blue Nile, and even, where you can view your options in peace. 

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Consider nontraditional stones

White diamond engagement rings are still the most popular option, but they can also be expensive. For less money you could go with nontraditional stones, like pink or green sapphires, blue diamonds, or even chocolate stones. They will still sparkle, and they will stand out more because they are so unusual.

Go for off sizes

Look for stones that are slightly less than full carats. For example, instead of getting a 3-carat stone, look for 2.8 carats. The difference in size will be almost imperceptible to the naked eye, but it will have saved you a lot of money.

Consider antiques, vintage and estate rings

Antique engagement and wedding rings can be less expensive than new, and they have the added benefit of being unique pieces, with excellent craftsmanship, that you might not be able to find anywhere else. Estate rings and vintage rings are another option. These rings may have the same unique and excellent design and craftsmanship as the antique rings, but they are usually less than 50 years old.

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Work together

There is something very special about being able to surprise your beloved with a jaw-dropping ring, but the truth is that you are both more likely to get the rings you want, and at the right price, if you work together. Also, picking out rings together can be a bonding experience. Rather than surprising each other, you can surprise your friends and family when you show up together wearing your stunning, coordinated and affordable engagement rings. How’s that for a practical wedding?

Consider alternative symbols

Not everyone wants a traditional wedding, or traditional engagement and wedding rings. Some couple may opt for wedding tattoos or piercings, to symbolize their commitment. The more reserved may go for other types of jewelry, like pendants, bracelets, or even dog tags.

The thing to remember is that it’s your day, and your marriage, and ultimately your choice as to how you wish to commemorate your love. Whatever method you choose, it doesn’t have to cost a million dollars.