Erin and Kelly had a blue and orange wedding in Sacramento, California, with their adorable children. This fun-filled family wedding was so colorful from their rainbow cake all the way to their monogrammed orange napkins and tables. 


Talk about true love and positive energy! These two ladies had one of the most memorable weddings of my 600 wedding ( yes, 22 years in business ) career! From the moment I met them, I loved them so much. They were one of the happiest couples on earth. They were blending their families as many couples do, but these kids were just as special as they were. What made their wedding so special was their love and their guests. Never before had I been immersed in so much positive energy and love. I am a great photographer but not so savvy at writing, so hopefully you can see the joy BURSTING out of these photos. Me thinks they need to be seen by many to celebrate equality!


Photography: True Love