This North Carolina Princess Bride–themed engagement is so magical and full of love. Jada and Katharine have been together for more than 24 years and are getting married this month! The vibrant jewel tones of their gorgeous dresses complement the lush greens and stone castle perfectly, a truly ‘As You Wish’ engagement session come true! To quote Westley, “This is true love — you think this happens every day?” 




Last year, I finally asked her to marry me! At a party with all our friends around, I stopped everyone in their tracks as I brought out a pretty box and offered it to Katharine. Everyone watched as she opened it to reveal a silver bracelet that was engraved ‘As You Wish’. Since “The Princess Bride” is one of our favorite movies, everyone immediately knew the reference and Katharine said ‘YES, as you wish’ that she would marry me!

We will be legally wed in June 2016, after twenty-four years together. While in graduate school, we met at the University in 1992. Since we were in different programs, we had not met until the course Katharine was teaching brought me and my friends in to be the “gay speakers panel” for the class. After that, it wasn’t long before we were inseparable.

In 1993, we had a lovely commitment ceremony (long before anyone thought that “gay marriage” might become “marriage” in our lifetime). These many happy years later, we have had the opportunity to make many dear friends in Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, North Carolina, and several far-flung parts of the world.

Now we are excited to continue on our adventures together, and want to celebrate a new-found recognition of our relationship with our friends.

These engagement photos at Castle McCullouc were a dream come true. We are planning the most amazing, charming “Princess Bride” wedding with two brides, costumes, quotes and “Miracle Max’s chocolate truffles”. Because nothing can stop “true love!”



Photography: FireRose Photography 

Venue: Castle McCullouch, Jamestown, North Carolina