Last May, Cynthia Nixon married her longtime girlfriend, education activist Christine Marinoni, and now thanks to ELLE magazine, we can tell you all about the couple’s classy wedding wear.

ELLE‘s exclusive interview with Nixon about her fashion choices for the wedding provides further proof to my theory that Nixon is low-maintenance, gorgeous and absolutely wonderful.


Nixon says that she “never thought about my wedding dress growing up,” and actually spent most of her life not particularly wanting to be wed, but admits that once she made the decision to get married, “I knew I wanted a beautiful dress for the occasion.”

Going against the grain of white, puffy and traditional, Nixon ultimately decided to go with designer Carolina Herrera, “because I’ve had so much luck wearing them in the past and they know my body so well,” she told ELLE. She explains that initially she didn’t want anything fancy, and actually told Herrera, “Don’t think of me as a bride. Think of me as a grown-up woman who needs a dress to get married in.” Herrera was having none of it though, and responded with equal conviction: “You need to get a dress with a capital D. So even if it’s not pouffy or white, there’s a certain level of ceremony.”

Nixon followed Herrera’s lead, and wore a beautiful soft green dress—”so light it borders on yellow”—that she loved because it looks like “an art deco skyscraper.” She confided that more stressful than the dress was the decision of what to do with her hair, which she had shaved for her role as a cancer patient in Wit and which had only just started to grow back. Eventually Hervé Pierre, the creative director at Carolina Herrera, decided on “a little bit of silver-and-white ribbon, wrapped twice around my head, to which we affixed some small Fred Leighton diamond lovebirds. It made me feel like Titania from A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” said Nixon.

Meanwhile Nixon’s wife wore an “exquisitely styled suit” designed by Doyle Mueser, who Nixon described as “hipster bespoke tailors.” She wore Fred Leighton sapphire cuff links that matched Nixon’s dress, and while she did look amazing and dapper, Nixon admits it was tough for the suit to compete: “The dress is the main event.”

What do you think about the happy couple’s wedding outfits?