Elbow patches may have once been only the place for Algebra teachers, but now the trend has skyrocketed for preppy and dapper fashionistas alike. They are so common throughout mainstream stores that it seems like the M.O. of most brands is to “Put a Patch On It.” So what better way to add some contrasting detail to your suit jacket on your wedding day?


Speaking as a delighted owner of their Rugger shorts, Gant by Michael Bastian is one of those high-end brands where you’re getting the quality you pay for. The detailed stitching and care they put into their products makes wearing them a very enjoyable experience, and on your wedding day you deserve the best. Plaid Sportscoat, available at Gant for $985.



The contrasting white in the elbow patches and buttons in this Cotton and Linen Blazer will make your dashing stylings the talk amongst your friends and family for months to come. Available at Zara for $159.



The vintage tweed suit lends itself to a more traditional take on elbow patches, so it’s worth diving into the racks at your local thrift shop for a look that’s less expensive but equally as stylish. This second-hand beauty is available on Ebay for $85.


Sonia Oram is the writer of Dyke Duds, a blog for lesbians, queer women and transmasculine people to share their styles, fashion ideas and stories around clothing.