Cass (they/them) and Izzy (they/them) fell in love over baking, playing music, thrifting and exploring new breweries. The adventure-loving pair have a relationship built on humor and joy, but they are just as comfortable having serious conversations as they are laughing over an inside joke from years ago.

Their relationship has faced many challenges, including long-distance, two cross-country moves, the loss of family members, personal health issues and the daily toils of grad school. Those challenges made them stronger, allowing them to relish the calm, everyday moments they share. As Cass puts it, “We’re not perfect, of course, but we care and we listen, and we know how to work together through whatever it is we’re facing.”

To celebrate their engagement, Cass and Izzy wanted to incorporate all of their shared passions, as well as their favorite places around Portland, Maine. They started their documentary-style engagement session at Cass’s grandparents’ home, where the natural light and collected decor served as the perfect backdrop for their cozy portraits. The pair celebrated the everyday moments in their lives, sharing a casual breakfast and playing music together before heading out to wander through some local thrift shops and breweries.

Two white people embrace in a kitchen. There are two plates of breakfast food on the marble counter in front of them, and the taller person is kissing the shorter person on their right cheek.

Two white people sit on a yellow sofa posing for documentary-style engagement photos. One person has pink hair and is wearing a black shirt, and the other is a brunette wearing blue jeans and playing a guitar.

Two white people sit in their living room, one perched on a piano bench with their legs in the other's lap. The other person is sitting in a chair, and both are smiling at each other.

Two white people stand kissing on a red brick sidewalk in Maine. The one on the left has pink short hair, and the other has short brown hair.

Two white people hold hands as they walk down a cobblestone street. There is a sign behind them that says "Maine Lobster Roll $22"

Two white people sit at a high-top table outside a restaurant. They are looking at each other smiling. Behind them there is a Pride flag.

For the final leg of their photo session, they spent the evening in Two Lights State Park. A popular destination for both locals and tourists, the park holds more significance for Cass and Izzy, as it is where they actually got engaged. As golden hour set in, the couple explored the park, from its rocky enclaves to the shores of Casco Bay, sharing a quiet moment of reading before wrapping up the day.

Their photographer, Riley Glenn Photography, a Platinum Preferred Vendor for Equally Wed, captured the couple with photojournalistic candids, allowing their playful dynamic and bright hair to shine throughout the shoot. Riley says, “I can’t tell you just how much I love the way their photos turned out. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Including things in your engagement session that are meaningful to both you and your partner is the perfect way to make sure that your photos reflect your love for each other.”

Two white people stand with their faces close to each other, smiling. There are trees behind them and a small yellow botanical element blurred in the foreground.

Two white people sit on a large rock covered in green patches of grass. The people are embracing and laughing. The one in the front has pink hair, and the one in the back is brunette.

Two white people sit on the ledge of a large rock, with their foreheads touching. They are both wearing Doc Marten boots.

Two white people stand on a rock in front of a large body of water. They are holding hands. The sky behind them is blue and full of clouds. Both people are looking off to their left.

Two white people are in front of the ocean. One person has pink hair and a white tank top. The other person has brown hair and is wearing a black button-up shirt. They are carrying the other person on their back.

Two white people sit on a large rock with wild grass in the background behind them. One has pink hair and is holding a book open in front of them. The other person sits behind them and reads over their shoulder.

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Photographer: Riley Glenn Photography

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