Shopping for a wedding suit is no small task. You want to make sure that you look your best on the big day, and it can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect outfit! To help make this process easier to understand, we reached out to Liz Marcou, chief of staff at Generation Tux, to provide you with the best ways to shop for men’s wedding suits. Of course, here at Equally Wed, we know clothing doesn’t have a gender, but we also know most of our LGBTQ+ grooms, brides and gender-diverse marriers shop online for their wedding suits based on gendered phrases, such as men’s suits for weddings or women’s suits for weddings.

When you’re considering getting a suit for your wedding, the first thing you should do, according to Marcou, is “decide on a style and color that complements the theme and formality, while considering the season and location of the wedding. Suits come in a variety of colors and patterns as well as different lapels to help you round out your wedding style and pick the right suit.”



When deciding what color suit to wear to your wedding, remember that the color of your wedding suit should coordinate with both your wedding theme and the color of your partner’s attire. If you are having a formal wedding, darker colors such as burgundy, dark green, charcoal, navy blue or black may be more appropriate. For a casual affair or a summer wedding, lighter shades like white, ivory, light blue, blush pink, khaki or tan can work well.


Another important element for shopping for a wedding suit is the fabric. Suit fabric should be one of the most important aspects you consider. Wool or cotton blend fabrics are good options as they offer breathability and won’t wrinkle easily. If you’re buying your wedding suit instead of renting it, it is also important to determine if the fabric will hold up over time and be able to handle dry cleaning well.


“Renting is a more cost-effective option than purchasing, especially when considering how often you wear formalwear,” says Marcou. “It’s a great option for special occasions and allows for access to current styles and trends without the need to purchase.” For nonbinary or trans people, suit shopping can be even more overwhelming as the process of being measured can feel violating, as well as the fear of encountering homophobic and/or trans hostile salespeople.


When shopping for a wedding suit, it is important to take measurements to ensure a perfect fit. The suit should fit comfortably in the chest and shoulders while still being snug enough that there isn’t excess material around the waist or arms. Marcou says, “Research the brand and understand how they will determine the recommended size. No two suit brands are the same so it is important to understand how your correct size will be determined before reserving it for your wedding day. If exact measurements are required before renting, ensure you find someone knowledgeable about measuring for a suit. Most online companies have fit technology using an algorithm that can determine your suit sizing with a few simple questions. No measurements required! Just make sure to answer your fit questions with the most up-to-date information to help determine your accurate fit. If there is an option to do a try-on with your sizes before reserving your rental, this is highly recommended.” Also, have your dress shirt and shoes to try on with your suit to ensure that they all work together.

Blonde white nonbinary trans masculine person leans against window while smiling and looking down. They are wearing a black tuxedo from Generation Tux.
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Liz Marcou’s 5 tips to help a person say yes to the suit:

Tip 1 to find the perfect suitCan you picture yourself in this suit on your wedding day? You should feel comfortable and confident in the suit you choose since it will be in your wedding photos in the years to come.

Tip 2 to find the perfect suitComfort is the key when saying yes to your wedding day suit. Choose a fabric that is comfortable to wear, such as wool, and avoid heavy fabrics like polyester. This can hinder your moves on the dance floor or make you feel warmer at outdoor weddings.

Tip 3 to find the perfect suitDoes the suit fit you to your preference? Each piece of the suit should fit comfortably, neither too tight nor too loose. Look for different fit options like Slim or Modern fits for a comfortable look and feel. Also, ensure the suit provider you choose offers timely solutions to get the right fitting rental garments to you before the wedding day.

Tip 4 to find the perfect suitIf you want all the suits to match, make sure you can get the same color and look for you and your wedding party before you say YES to the suit and reserve your rental.

Tip 5 to find the perfect suitCheck the estimated delivery time before reserving your rental. The right suit will arrive weeks before your wedding with plenty of time for adjustments if necessary.

We asked Marcou to spill her best little-known trick to suit shopping, and here’s what she says, “People are not wearing suits as often as they used to so shopping for the right wedding suit can be overwhelming. Choose a provider that allows you to make those important decisions right from the comfort of your own home. They should offer fabric swatches to help with color matching the suit and choosing the right color for accessories like ties and pocket squares. Once you find the perfect color, the perfect rental company will allow you to try on the suit, with your sizes in mind, months before the wedding day for peace of mind. Bonus points on this trick if the swatches and home try-on are free and shipping before and after your event is free!”


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