andrea-and-maggie_largeSharing Secrets
A couple’s passion for Post Secrets helps set the stage for a proposal

Reading Post Secrets is a Sunday morning tradition for Andrea and me that we established back in the early days of our friendship. On Sunday, Feb. 21, 2010, Andrea awoke and soon said, “Let’s read Post Secrets!” and began to log onto the website using her iPhone. I quickly replied, “Let’s look at it on the computer. It’s easier for me to see.” Andrea (thankfully) agreed and I opened my laptop. There, propped against the screen with a black background and Post Secret logo, was my own Post Secret awaiting Andrea. It read:

Peanut – It shouldn’t be a secret that I’m nuts about you! Will you marry me?

Andrea silently read this a few times. Just when I was getting a little nervous she said, “Wait a minute. Is this for real?!” “It is! I have the ring right here!” I hastily produced the ring and thankfully, she said yes.

So that was the first engagement! (That’s part of the fun of two-bride wedding!) Soon after (I was having ring envy), Andrea popped the question on a Scrabble board. Obviously, I said yes, too, and we’re looking forward to our Aug. 28, 2011 wedding on the beach in Provincetown, Mass.

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