lauraandrose_largePuppy Love
Enlisting the help of a friendly pal helped this proposal come to life

I knew Laura for six years before I came out. I knew the moment I saw her she was the one who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. After I came out to her, I had to chase her for a year before she finally said yes to a “date.” Right before our third dating anniversary, we decided to make it official.

On Feb. 12, I set up a special night at the local ladies bar where Laura and I went to often. This bar was a place she and I could go and relax and be together. I had my cousin who worked there set up a table for me. I had champagne glasses, roses, rose petals, a card and a small plush dog. Around the dog’s arm was the ring. Before going to the bar I took her to a very nice restaurant for a great dinner. From the restaurant, we left for the bar. After we arrived, the D.J. played “Marry Me” by Amanda Marshall. As we danced (alone) on the dance floor, I gave Laura the dog making sure she saw the ring. I had it timed to the chorus in the song, when Amanda asks “marry me.” We will wed April 13, 2013.

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