Q We’re inviting quite a few friends with children to our wedding, and we haven’t decided if we should include the under-18 set. (We’re trying to keep it somewhat formal.) If we do allow children, do you have any suggestions for keeping them entertained?

A Kids don’t have to change the atmosphere of your wedding if you plan wisely. We recently addressed this topic in our Winter issue in an article entitled “Child’s Play.” Our writer Genevieve Charet suggests 10 great ideas for keeping the kids on your guest list entertained so you’ll be able to enjoy your wedding without worrying about them sticking their fingers in your precious wedding cake or running off during the reception. As you’re cutting said cake and dancing the night away, have the kiddos sit at a table stocked with crayons, coloring books, puzzles, sticker books, glow sticks and temporary tattoos. Or set up a mini-daycare, complete with hired babysitter, in a roped-off area. Have each child wear his parents’ names on a wristband to provide peace of mind for everyone. Make sure to offer a buffet of kid-friendly food, and serve it during cocktail hour. This prevents hungry grouchiness and may save you money on the food tab since—let’s be honest—tuna tartare is wasted on toddlers. For more great ideas on entertaining children at your wedding, read the full article here.

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