When I got engaged, I had no idea what type of wedding dress I wanted to wear. Flat shoes or high heels? Would I wear a veil or a flower in my hair?

One thing I knew I wanted to wear without a doubt: fake eyelashes. While they may seem overly dramatic, especially compared to your normal beauty routine, they make a huge impact—framing your eyes and making your look pop in photographs.

If you’ve never applied fake eyelashes yourself, don’t be nervous. It just takes a little practice and a little patience. Here are10 easy steps on how to do it yourself!



circle_1 Gather your supplies: eyelashes, glue and a few cotton swabs. While you can apply the glue directly from the container, using a cotton swab is usually less messy and provides better control.



The eyelashes are packaged the way you should put them on, with the smaller lashes on the inside corners and longer lashes toward the outside. Take one lash out of the container—they’re a bit sticky—to get started.



circle_3 Take the lash between your forefinger and thumb on each end and bend them slightly so they will conform to the shape of your eye.



Dab a small dollop of glue onto the end of a cotton swab. Close the glue container right away so it doesn’t dry up.



circle_5 Draw a small line of glue onto the length of the eyelashes so they will curl up and away from your eyes.


circle_6 Lightly close your eye as you place the lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible, pressing down on your eyelid.


circle_7 Hold down the lashes, pressing lightly, making sure the corners are adhering well.


circle_8 The glue will appear white at first, but as it dries it will disappear.


circle_9 Apply mascara to blend your real eyelashes together with the fake ones.



    circle_10 Compare the difference between your regular, natural lashes (right) and the eye with the fake lashes! Beautiful!

    TIP: Never apply the lashes immediately after applying the line of glue. You want it to be tacky, but not wet.

    Learning to glue on a full set of lashes is usually easier, at first, than applying the small clumps of lashes individually. But if you want only to fill in the outer corner of your lashes and make them fuller, individuals are the way to go.


    Photo: Real Wedding Annie and Sylvia, photography by Rachel McCauley Photography