Your calendar has been marked for a year and your New Year’s resolution never sat with you. When it comes to your wedding day, you always want to look polished, sharp and fit. The problem? Your suit or tux hasn’t felt this snug in a while, with the post-summer pounds packing on little by little, you aren’t sure what gyms are right for you with the best classes and options. Yes, we’re of all shapes and sizes, but when it comes to the idea of the “perfect body” it’s not necessarily about having taut and toned abs as it is about meeting a goal.

Put it into perspective: How long is it taking us to get gay marriage legalized across the board? Still working on it. If you compare your own struggles in another environment and apply them to some serious time at the gym, you’ll realize it’s more about your mental clarity and easing your stress than actually looking like that suit was made to fit. Check out the latest of issue of Details; we are consistently grappling the body image issue, especially with gay men. The nip and tucks taken, the grueling hours some spend at the gym and the time put into your manscaping. Whatever makes you happy, I say … just make sure to look at the bigger picture here.

Here are several carefully selected pieces to guide you through your first trip to the gym:


Coach Bleecker Legacy Canvas Weekender
With Reed Krakoff’s FW 2011 designs, Coach has gone back to its heritage label, making for classic looks that are functionally chic. Here the color stands out among the rest of your usual gym fare and it will last you forever.


Bumble & Bumble Sumo Tech

A texturizing paste that works better than your usual pomades and creams, with lasting hold and not too much shine. What’s better? It’s pliability makes for an easygoing, cool look, whether you’re slicked back or doing a rush-job. Oh, and your man will love the way your hair smells, even if you decide to take an after work nap.


A lightweight cream that brightens your face and lasts all day. This French-based brand is organic and perfect for the gearthy green types. It has a slight scent that leaves you smelling like basil and lemons, not as if you’ve just threw on the gym’s supplied aftershave. Let’s face it: Who doesn’t love a man with an oil-free face who knows how to moisturize? Keep clean and keep yourself looking younger.


Yves Saint Laurent Libre
This new scent by the French designer is a spicy fragrance with bergamot, pink pepper and patchouli. One spritz goes a long way and works perfect for your post-workout scent; it lasts the entire day. Well balanced, clean and masculine.


Aveda Carribean Therapy Body Wash
A bit on the pricier side in terms of body wash, but it’s a soothing and moisturizing formula that calms your nerves after stressing the body good. With coconut and passionfruit, you’ll feel nourished and your mind at ease for a post-gym day spent browsing for the perfect suit or picking out your wedding cake. Yes, I mentioned cake…sue me.


Nooka Watch
Digital, geek-chic and the perfect timer, I’ve been a fan of Nooka for the past few months. They’re light and don’t get in the way of your workout. Plus, your trainer wont suspect that you’ll be looking at the time, as it doubles as a bracelet; add a little pop-style to your fitness experience.


Yoko Deveraux
I’ve been a fan of his designs for some time, but especially for a downtown vibe while en route to getting my sweat on. They’re fitted on top, so don’t be afraid to show off your hard-worked assets.



Nike Lunar Glide
One of the most comfortable, flexible and plush sneakers I’ve had the opportunity of testing to date. These provide great support, have enough bounce to make for an energized spring in your step and have enough color to make your gym experience pop. Who doesn’t love being the envy of the others guys at the gym? Nike makes it quick, effortless and easy.