The talented and thoughtful photographers behind Unusually Fine Photography are giving away their wedding photography to one lucky gay couple in New York. Why? Because they’re not waiting for the law to catch up with justice.

Their own words: Unusually Fine will shoot the wedding of one lucky New York gay couple for free! If you live in New York or are planning a wedding in New York, enter now to win: a full day of coverage by dandy Margaret and foppish Max, the retouched digital negatives, a wedding album, and a free knock-knock joke.

We are ready to document every couple that says “I absolutely do,” with or without the state’s recognition. And we’d love to come to your un-wedding, too.

Enjoy the fantastic duo’s latest moving picture, “the unwedding party,” in which Alice the Wonderlander comes to terms with marriage equality:


1) You must be a gay.
2) You must be engaged to be married to a gay by the end of 2011.
3) You must be unusual and fine.
4) You must send us 500 words or fewer, in which you explain why you should win our superfantastic contest.
5) You must send a photograph of the two of you being adorable.
6) You must do the hokey pokey and turn yourself about. We mean it. We’ll know if you haven’t.
7) You must submit all entry materials to by 4 JULY 2010.