As if winning a game show prize isn’t awesome enough, when that prize comes with several zeros after the dollar sign, it can be even better. For couple David (Spike) and Nicholas, that $1 with four zeros meant the financial ability to start a family. 

Nicholas and Spike were contestants on Idiotest, a Game Show Network original where contestants answer questions testing their observational, and general-knowledge, skills. Spike and Nick have been married for three years and jokingly claim that the secret to making it work is having no pets. 

“We’re saving up to adopt a baby,” Spike responded when asked what they would do with the money if they win. 

Making it all the way to the final round, Spike and Nick had 40 seconds to answer the final question. If they both answered it correctly in that time, they would win $10,000. Spike went first, answering the question in only 17 seconds. Nick then came out, and immediately answered the question the same way. They were both right, and celebrated their win with happy tears, and emotional embrace and a kiss.