They may not be able to fly faster than a speeding bullet, or save damsels in distress from a burning building, but two people in love is a powerful force.

Marvel Comics made headlines last month when they announced that two of their beloved X-Men characters, Northstar and his human partner Kyle Jinadu, were tying the knot in an upcoming issue. 


The long-awaited issue hit comic stores nationwide yesterday and Marvel celebrated by hosting the nuptials of two self-proclaimed comic geeks. Set in New York City’s Midtown Comics, the wedding of Scott Everhart, 39, and Jason Welker, 33, of Ohio happened simultaneously with the release of issue No. 51.

“It’s the perfect, geeky way to do it,” said Everhart. “Our first date was in a comic book store. This is us.”

The intimate scene included an in-house band doing their own rendition of It’s Raining Men and the theme song to Spiderman. After the ceremony, the couple headed to Eventi, a Kimpton hotel, for the reception, which featured a superhero-themed three-tier cake by Empire Cake, wine and food.


“To me it showed the youth that there are people out there like them, maybe in a small town, that those kids could identify with, not only us but with the comic-book characters,” said Everhart.

“The X-Men world, that universe that Marvel has created, shows all types, whether they are gay, straight or bisexual, whatever their color or their orientation.”