Finding the perfect suit, blazer, dress shirt or tuxedo that fits perfectly and makes you feel like a million bucks is something I don’t take for granted. Over the two decades of adulthood that I have been renting or purchasing formal wear, my experience with the process has been, well, blah. And I know for many people like me, masculine-leaning and nonbinary, and many others within our community, it is worse than blah. Sometimes it just sucks.

white nonbinary person in vest and bow tie with bourbon
I normally just try to find the best option “out of the box” or “off of the shelf,” and hope it fits. With a little tweaking or embellishment with some great accessories, I have made it work. But that takes a concerted effort. And, usually it comes with a little weird side eye or an uncomfortable pause from a sales associate to start the whole process out.

For as long as I can remember (well, I did have that period in high school when I was trying to fit in and wore “girl’s” clothing) I have worn “men’s” clothing. From activewear to suits, the clothing I’m most comfortable in and truly love shopping for is traditionally labeled as menswear. My suit collection is decent, my sock drawer heavy and my neatly organized stack of ties, pocket squares, lapel pins and more in my wardrobe makes me happy to see. I honestly love a good suit/tux. And even more, a special event or wedding to wear it to.

white nonbinary person with blonde hair sitting on couch with laptop

So when I had the opportunity to try out Generation Tux’s service, I was thrilled. Here’s my experience.

When I was first introduced to Generation Tux I immediately, as we all do when interested in a company, logged onto their website. To know from the beginning that the process with them was to get the “perfect suit or tux DELIVERED” was exciting. Even before the pandemic, after dealing with some uncouth sales associates through the years, I appreciate and value a really great online process. Me, comfortable exactly as I am, behind a computer screen getting everything I want, ordered and delivered, directly to my front door. But, as we all know, that can be quite tricky. And, oftentimes, does not work well for clothing, especially for well-fitting suits and tuxedos. Generation Tux changes the game with this.

Tuxedo Shoes from Generation Tux     Generation Tux Bow Ties

I started the process by first just viewing the collection of suits and tuxedos that they have. From the range of colors and styles and then through to their accessories, shoes and socks. I then started the online process. Using their innovative “fit technology,” I went through the process of answering just a few questions and completed their online fitting form. And within this form no measurements were needed here. I didn’t have to get the tape measure out and figure out “just how long exactly is my arm again?!” I simply answered some basic questions about my height, weight, added in some information about some brands of suit pants that usually fit me well, etc. Within the form I then also selected the tuxedo, accessories and shoes I wanted to receive. All from the comfort of my couch.

Generation Tux guarantees you will have the right fit for your wedding or event. Should you have any issues with the size of your garment(s), you simply contact them within 48 hours of receiving your suit or tux and one of their Generation Tux Stylists on the Customer Experience team will work with you to ensure that you get the right fitting item sent right over. Free fit replacements, free round-trip shipping, a free at-home try on (if you are a part of the wedding couple) and style and color consultation from a personal wedding stylist if you’d like it. This will guarantee you’re matching or complementing that sexy human next to you on your wedding day!

nonbinary person putting on bow tie

nonbinary person putting on tuxedo shoes

nonbinary person putting on tuxedo jacket

After a few days I received my full Generation Tux box right to my front door. Nicely packaged in a handled, heavy duty box it contained my midnight blue peak lapel tuxedo, shoes, socks, accessories and a few notes from the stylist that packaged it and details on what to do if I had any issues. I immediately tried everything on and everything fit really well. My pants were a bit shorter than what they should have been, but after a quick email to my Generation Tux consultant where I included a few quick photos of how I looked in the suit, I had a new pair right at my doorstep in two days, accompanied by another suit jacket in a size up to try in case I wanted a little bit more room. I felt like I had a personal designer at my service!

nonbinary person in a midnight blue tuxedo

Now, for me, I am not very large on top so oftentimes I can purchase or rent a modern-cut dress shirt or tuxedo shirt and still have it fit really well across my chest without the buttons pulling. But if you are AFAB (assigned female at birth) and a bit larger on top, do keep in mind that it might be better for you to skip the dress shirt in the Generation Tux order and purchase one on your own so you get the exact fit you prefer across your chest.

nonbinary person adjusting suspenders

nonbinary person adjusting cuff links

nonbinary person buttoning tuxedo suit jacket
nonbinary person in midnight blue tuxedo and black bow tie
From head to toe, this midnight blue tuxedo was fantastic. I had everything from the suit jacket to vest, pants, dress shirt, suspenders, pocket square, bow tie, cuff links and studs, shoes and socks. Even a small, magnetic carnation lapel pin to add if I wanted. Everything all from Generation Tux, in one box ready to go. Honestly, I could roll up to my wedding suite with jeans and a T-shirt on, holding my Generation Tux box and be ready to go, looking sharp, as I emerge and head to the aisle.

Once the big day is over, who really wants to take their tuxedo back to a store you rented it from? Not me. You’re laying around with your marital glow, hopefully enjoying some leftover cake and time with a few friends or relatives that might still be in town or jetting off to paradise for your honeymoon. With Generation Tux you have three days to place all the items back in the box, stick on the prepaid shipping label, and send it all back to them (which you could totally have a friend do if you’re already on your honeymoon).

Drop that box off at your closest shipping center, and then bask in all the photos of you looking damn fine on your big day and, of course, enjoying your wedded bliss.

white nonbinary person with blonde hair smiles


Suit and accessories: Generation Tux
Photography: Amanda Summerlin Photography
Venue: Loews Atlanta Hotel

This sponsored post was paid for by Generation Tux, an Equally Wed preferred Platinum vendor and advertiser. All opinions are the author’s from their personal experience. 

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