Tweed Gifts & Wedding Registry offers a luxurious sensibility for your wedding guests to shop from


The wedding’s not over with the honeymoon: There are gifts to enjoy for years to come—both figuratively and, thanks to generous guests, literally.

tweed3Posting a wish-list of things you may need (or not-so-secretly crave) at Tweed Gifts & Wedding Registry helps steer your guests in a stylish direction. And when you unwrap a package from Tweed Gifts & Wedding Registry, you can rest assured that whatever you find inside is sure to be high quality and in keeping with your good taste.

From bed linens to luggage, cake toppers to jewelry, barware to wool throws, lacquered boxes, wine stoppers, napkin rings, one-of-a-kind pieces and much more, Tweed Gifts & Wedding Registry products exude a luxurious sensibility. “I’m a high-end interior designer,” says Fred Root, owner and founder of Tweed Gifts & Wedding Registry, referencing his nearly 30 years of experience decorating some of the finest homes in New Jersey, New York and Florida as proprietor of Houndstooth, LLC.

“We registered with Tweed Gifts for our fall wedding, and we could not have been happier. Their product line carries so many hard-to-find and unique sets, and our friends had fun viewing and selecting from our registry.”
—Brad and Tony, Bar Harbor

Like a first date that no one guessed might lead to marriage, it was Root’s first sheet design that eventually led him to launch Tweed Gifts & Wedding Registry. The name “Tweed” complements the name of Root’s design company and also has deeper significance: “Tweed is the combining of two fabric threads,” he explains, “like marriage is the combining of two people.”

While Root is gay and believes it’s important to support our community, “There’s not much on the TweedGifts.com website that’s overtly gay,” he says. So you won’t find rainbow flags, but you will find elegant His & His and Hers & Hers towels, napkins, pillow shams and crystal cake toppers. Several products are sourced from gay-owned suppliers; “If two products are similar and one is from a gay-owned company, I’m going there,” says Root.

A new line of wedding and engagement rings ensures that shopping at  TweedGifts.com isn’t only a choice you can suggest to your guests. “A gay jeweler designs diamond rings exclusively for Tweed Gifts,” says Root. The  signature wedding band is now  available in yellow  or white gold;  the flat band features two interconnecting circles with nine diamond baguettes on each side.  “Its classically done,” says Root.


Several gift items are appropriate not only for weddings but also birthdays and anniversaries, so your relationship with Tweed Gifts & Wedding Registry can endure. There’s even a new Tweed Baby section for expectant parents.

tweed4Though it’s already impressive, expect the selection of items featured on TweedGifts.com to continue to grow over time. “I’ve got some new products,” says Root, adding that he’s especially fond of some new sleepwear. “One is a shorter version of a nightshirt,” he says. “It’s a take-off on a tuxedo shirt and black striped pants. You could wear just the top or just the bottom if that’s your preference. It’s totally unisex—in all the product lines, I’m trying to do unisex as much as possible.” But if your tastes run to more feminine or masculine, you’ll find many items appealing.

Several products are eco-friendly, including a new line of luggage. “It’s made of recycled tarp covers from trucks on South America,” says Root. “They’re transformed into gorgeous luggage.”

Tweed Gifts & Wedding Registry offers an impressively original collection. “I personally try to find items that aren’t in every store,” says Root. “Plus, a number of pieces are designed and made exclusively for TweedGifts.com, such as martini glasses etched with ‘Butch’ and ‘Queen.’”

“A lot of consideration went into finding the right mix,” explains Root. “Some items are whimsical and some are serious.” So you can confidently point your conservative guests to your registry. “When things progress in the world, you’ll be able to buy gay wedding and anniversary cards in stores alongside other cards,” says Root. In the meantime, there’s a great selection at TweedGifts.com. “I’m trying to find things that aren’t screaming gay but are classic,” he says.

tweed5“Tweed Gifts is the only place where we can find sharp, classy greeting cards for weddings and anniversaries for members of the gay and lesbian community.”
—Greg and Martin, Palm Springs

Wedding cake toppers are among the custom creations. “I had them designed,” says Root. “They’re unique crystal cubes about three-inches tall. The inside is laser-etched with either two guys in tuxes or two women. It’s not just some plastic piece but something truly special that’s meant to sit on a shelf after the wedding.”

Affordability is on the menu at TweedGifts.com. Recognizing not all gay couples make a lot of money, “I’m trying to be high-end but no so high and mighty that a young couple can’t afford things,” says Root. “I’m going for ‘classy,’ so you can get a unique, interesting piece.” Items range from $5 to $7,000. “Really, there’s something for everybody,” says Root. “I get my crystal glassware from a company that makes crystal for Tiffany’s, but mine is eight times less expensive.”

Service is a key part of any shopping experience. Tweed Gifts & Wedding Registry includes wrapping as a standard service for any gift. Currently, shipping is limited to the United States, but Root plans to expand internationally as the company grows.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask. “We’re a young company and we want to be helpful,” says Root. “We’ll do our best to help find whatever it is.” After all, he’s so grateful for the help he received while launching the gay wedding registry. “So many people out there were in support of what I was doing,” he says. “So many people were just so accepting of the whole idea of what’s becoming an equal rights movement. I’m very impressed by this; it’s pretty cool.”

“Tweed Gifts has a great, out-of-the-ordinary selection, very nicely done.”
—Jeff, Los Angeles

For more information, visit www.tweedgifts.com.