To Have and to Hold
Bridal Bouquet Holders Inc. reinventing the bouquet for brides


A bride walking down the aisle is an unforgettable moment. Her bouquet made with fresh flowers, created by her florist, leads her down the aisle. That florist is Lisa Ghiotti, creator of the Sterling Silver Bridal Bouquet Holder. Working in the floral industry for 15 years, Lisa wanted something elegant she could offer to her brides; an alternative to the plastic floral holder, and something that would provide more design creativity than ribbon-tied bouquets. With the bride’s bouquet being the most important flowers in the wedding, it seemed fitting that what the bride carried them in should be just as important. Made from sterling silver, the Bridal Bouquet Holder features eight jewelry charms, to carry down the aisle and to wear long after wedding day.

The Bridal Bouquet Holder is manufactured in New York by a renowned silversmith who shares Lisa’s vision for the Bouquet Holder. By design, the Bridal Bouquet Holder easily converts to a picture frame, replacing the wedding-day flowers with a mother-of-pearl picture frame, which is included. The Bridal Bouquet Holder can be custom designed for each bride. For two brides carrying bouquets, complementing designs are a perfect way to commemorate each woman’s spirit as well as signify the bond they are making for a lifetime.

The holder is delivered with eight silk tassels that can be removed and replaced by charms. “With charms, [brides] have a great token” to remember the day by, says Lisa Ghiotti. Many times, brides’ mothers and grandmothers have collected meaningful charms throughout their life—and they want to either pass these tokens of history down to their daughters or start them on a new collection of charms.

The Bridal Bouquet Holder is bringing a unique option to brides when designing one of the most important elements of their special day: their wedding bouquet. “The holder has foam in the center,” says Lisa, “so the florist and bride can choose delicate flowers that you couldn’t carry with ribbon; for example, lilacs, as well as lily of the valley and other delicate blooms, which require continuous moisture.” The foam center also allows for more design options, from simple round, to cascades, crescents and wreaths. Light in weight, the Bridal Bouquet Holder fits comfortably in the bride’s hand no matter which design she chooses.

Each Bridal Bouquet Holder is custom-made and requires two months make. An in-person appointment is recommended with Lisa, who is located in New York. Lisa is happy to travel to your city as well or work with you over the phone. Bridal Bouquet Holders Inc. has developed into a creative family business. Lisa works alongside her daughter Ava, who is based out of Los Angeles. The two continue to explore creative possibilities for the Bridal Bouquet Holder and work to bring a choice of elegance and luxury to every bride’s wedding day bouquet.

For more information, visit www.bridalbouquetholders.com.