Biological or not, “mom” or “non-dad,” everyone deserves to be celebrated when it comes to raising children and playing a role in their lives. This Mothers’ Day, honor the loved ones in your life with something special. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite gifts that we’ll be giving to those that have played the “motherly roles” in our lives.

FOR: The “Mommy needs more wine” Mother

Gifts to celebrate loved ones this Mothers' Day wine

Rabbit Electric Corkscrew Wine Opener Williams Sonoma, $99.95
Uncorking wines can either be elegant or embarrassing. Err on the side of caution with this hassle-free rechargeable electric corkscrew wine opener.

FOR: The Mama who enjoys tea time

Tea Time Mothers' Day wine gift

Black + Decker Electric KettleTarget, $39.99
Moms don’t have time to wait around for water to boil. The technology inside of this kettle uses 1500W of power to quickly boil up to seven cups of water in less time than it takes a microwave or stovetop!  

FOR: The one notorious for putting everyone else first

Rosey WestRose Opal Solitaire Ring – Rosey West, $245.00

When the wallet is constantly opening for the kids’ new clothes, food, bills, and other planned and unplanned expenses, the last person on mom’s list to buy things for is mom. Treat mom to something special that can be worn with anything, and is something they would never spend money on for themself. 

FOR: The Meemaw whose house is full of old records

ION Audio Archive LP  Digital Conversion Turntable with Built-In Stereo Speakers and Diamond-Tipped Stylus

ION Audio Archive LP | Digital Conversion Turntable with Built-In Stereo Speakers and Diamond-Tipped Stylus Amazon, $60.99

Records might be making a comeback, but taking a record player on-the-go isn’t an option. Don’t let all the records in your family’s collection go to waste. Convert them into digital MP3 files to take on the go, listen to on your phone or play in the car. 

FOR: The loved one who loves spending time outdoors

Outdoor fire pit

Outdoor Fire Pit hayneedle, $84.98

Mothers’ Day is often on the brink of the warm summer weather beginning, meaning spending days and nights outside are on the way. Set the scene for making memories outdoors with the family, or enjoying a romantic fireside date night by giving this 30 in. outdoor fire pit, perfect for decks or patios. 

FOR: The “non-dad” who just wants time to relax at homeHello Fresh

Family planHelloFresh, $69.92

We all know that person that is overworked, overtired and would just love some time at home sitting down and relaxing. Help with the at-home relaxation by gifting a year-long subscription to Netflix or an all-inclusive meal subscription. Nothing relieves some stress quite like not having to decide what to make for dinner.


FOR: Everyone

No matter who you are, or how you’re related, a sentimental card can go a long way. Whether you can’t afford a gift or can afford the most lavish of presents, nothing says “I appreciate you” quite like a card with a handwritten message from the heart. Looking for a three dimensional card to give an extra pop to your Mothers’ Day message? Check out these beauties from Lovepop. 

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