Looking for a new ‘do before you say “I do”? Discover which hairstyling products can tame your mane for your big day.



Every groom wants to look his best on his wedding day, and that may require trying different ’dos before saying “I do.” If you’re ready to play with products, but not exactly sure where to start, let these expert hairstylists’ advice be your guide.

Pomade: If you’re aiming for the bedhead look, dab a little pomade and ruffle. The secret is using the correct formula and amount for your hair. “A matte pomade is good for fine hair, as it will give it texture and that gritty look that many try to achieve,” says stylist Ron King. “For someone with coarse, textured hair, choose a shiny matte to keep hair from looking too thick and falling flat.” If you’re unsure of the amount, lean toward less—you can always add more.

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Gel: If you want stay-put style, opt for gel. Great for attaining the “wet” look, it controls flyaways and keeps your style looking great from ceremony to reception. Celebrity stylist Umberto Savone recommends those with fine, thin hair to avoid using gel-like products, as the thick substance can have a greasy effect.

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Styling Cream: If you have beautiful curly locks, style them to their highest potential using a cream. But careful with the caressing—stylist Timothy John warns against touching them too much, “Curly hair should be scrunched with a towel and not ferociously rubbed. Smooth a small amount of cream through your damp hair and let it air dry. Once it dries, gently run your fingers through to break apart any large ringlets and then leave it alone!” Cream holds are not strong, so follow up with hairspray for a lasting look.

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Mousse: If you yearn for more volume, mousse is your answer. “It works best when paired with heat from a blow dryer but can still be combed through hair when damp for medium-to-thick styles,” says Savone.

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Natural Wax: For lads with longer hair, fight nature’s harsh winds and rains with wax. This natural molding product will ensure that your hair stays smooth. “I like to emulsify a small amount between my palms and apply it to dry hair,” says John. “Some waxes are very heavy, and can leave you with a dirty/greasy look.”

Recommended: TIGI S Factor Creamy Molding Wax, $20

Hairspray: Once you’ve had the style you desire, spray three or four times evenly for maximum hold and to prevent flyaways. King suggests going for a medium hold spray instead of a firm, and to always select a fragrance-free formula so the scent doesn’t cover your cologne.

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Photo credit: Jason & Eric by Kate Webber Photography