Gym-Free Resistance Moves
Try these at-home tips for a “Carry me over the threshold again!” upper body.

gym_free_resistance_moves_image1Suits and tuxes draw the eye upward. And what puts more emphasis on the arms and back than a strapless gown?

When we think about upper body workouts, we tend to think gyms. Unfortunately, squeezing in gym visits when you’re busy planning a wedding can be tricky. Instead of missing workouts, consider investing in closet-sized alternatives, such as resistance bands, exercise balls, wrist and ankle weights, and weight vests.

Using a stability ball amplifies the effects of familiar exercises like crunches, torso extensions, leg circles and pushups. Or with just the ball and a set of free weights, you can perform bench presses and incline shoulder flys in your living room. Plus, all that balancing passively works other muscle groups.

If you weight lift regularly and need a way to intensify upper-body workouts, weight vests offer a significant muscle-building boost. Keep in mind that due to the added strain, good form is especially important when wearing one, and these are for weight training only, not running!