Vitamin D: Nutrient Necessity

Since 1934, we’ve fortified milk with vitamin D to make up for our indoor lifestyle, but this may not be good enough.


If you’re going on a diet to slim down for the big day, it’s extremely important make sure your body gets enough nutrients. A good, targeted multivitamin is a start, but to drop weight and stay happy in the process, be sure you’re catching some rays.

Although you have to have it, the human body is only designed to derive about 10 percent of the vitamin D it needs from our diet. Sunscreen companies have tried to ignore this little fact, but the problems caused by blocking out the sun are coming to light. Critical for calcium and phosphorous absorption, it prevents osteoporosis, regulates thyroid hormones and boosts mood. Some studies link vitamin-D deficiencies to everything from fibromyalgia to PMS and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

A tan is your bodies’ natural sunscreen, so stop slathering and start basking! Just be sure not to burn. If you can get just 10-30 minutes of bright sun a day, you shouldn’t need any additional vitamin D. The darker your skin and the older you are, the more time you need.

During the winter, the best food sources for vitamin D are cod liver oil, fatty fish like catfish and salmon, fortified milk, whole eggs and beef liver. If you’re a vegan or just don’t like these options, take a supplement that provides 25 mcg per day.