When you think about the floral design you want to use at your wedding, sometimes simple is best. But just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean you can’t think outside the box. Consider making a statement with something unexpected—like herbs. The beauty of herbs is that, depending on the container, they can lend any feeling you want: elegant country, down-home garden or modern chic.

“Herbs show best in mass and are the perfect size for a 4-inch to 5-inch vessel,” says New Jersey florist, Ken Malagiere of Narcissus Florals. “The best herbs would be those that are aromatic while not overbearing.”

In other words, make sure the herb you choose isn’t competing with the food you plan to serve. “For example, a bundle of rosemary presented in a glass cylinder would pair much better with duck or other fowl than perhaps lavender,” Malagiere says. Other herbs to consider: German thyme, tarragon, oregano and basil, which comes in greens as well as ruby reds.



Use herbs in small silver containers of various sizes, and cluster them for a polished indoor garden effect.




For a modern look, place herbs in sleek white containers—square shapes look best—and place one small one at each place setting, with a collection of the herbs in a larger container in the center of the table.



Another option is to send guests home with their own potted herb. Use terra cotta pots and small labels that explain which herb is which. Arrange the pots on various natural-feeling stands to create a layered display.


Photo: weddingdish.thinklikeabride.com; elementofelegance.com; 100layercake.com