We support gay marriage, and it’s not because we make wedding shoes. We LOVE being in the love business. People who are newly engaged and planning Pinterest perfect wedding details that reflect their unique brand of couple are electrified with excitement over their merging futures, giddily reveling in growing old together and rapidly anticipating as their own musical “The Book of Life” unfolds.

Hearing these unique stories is one of the best parts of what we do. Every detail from how they met, the proposal, gushing over the ring and hearing about the dress; we’re genuinely jumping for joy with them during this exciting moment in their life. It’s like we become the personification of the women you see in all those bridal chick flicks….and we aren’t even the ones that’ll be walking down the aisle! So why do we become this invested in their lives? Because romantic love, the love that spawns the desire to spend the rest of your life with someone is contagious, infectious and uplifting. Everyone wants to catch this feeling and sometimes in life, you catch a bad virus that makes you want to throw up just thinking about it but…..we digress. 

Love is the universal language that each of the billions of human beings on this earth speak. Love is colorless, borderless, devoid of religion and ageless. Love is timeless; it’s classic and it’s our sincere hope that soon enough it will be viewed as gender-less. Limiting the opportunity to share in and create this bond to only a traditionally and biblically defined female/male couple limits the choice for all of the people who don’t fall within those defined boundaries of what a couple is. The fact is you cannot help who you fall in love with. Attraction and chemistry carry a mysterious fragrance and the scent is different to every two people who find themselves paired together.

Most of the brides you speak to when asked about their spouse will tell you that they feel as though they are marrying their ‘best friend’. What a blessing it is to find someone who complements who you are. In the areas you may not feel perfect, you come together with someone who fits in there perfectly and consequently, you bring out the best in each other and are perfect together. You get each other. You have someone who loves you just for the YOU that you are. You just know, as most couples who have marriages that have stood the test of time will tell you, that this person is “The One”. Love is a knowing and you just know that you are gay, bisexual or transgender. You cannot deny who you are and no one should have to deny who they love. We all deserve a love, regardless of our sexual orientation, that transcends the traditional definitions of society. Love is so much bigger than our definitions. 

Nobody chooses to feel like an alien in their own body and born the wrong sex, nor do they choose to be attracted to the “wrong” sex, just as nobody chooses to be bullied or taunted and belittled because they are different from the status quo. Who you are magnetically drawn to is not a choice, and every tax-paying voting citizens deserve to have the choice of marriage whether they decide on a 24 hour Vegas drive-thru, or a raging party at the Ritz. And they deserve the choice to have as many divorces as they’d like, just like the rest of us. There is no cap to how many times you can try, and that is the upside to love in this good ol’ land of the free and home of the brave. 

Weddings are coming out parties in their own right. They are a public declaration of the private commitment you and your partner have made to each other acknowledging that you are now a team. Your team is your support system. Your team is who you turn to when times are hard and who you want there to cheer you on when things are amazing! All people deserve to feel like they have the opportunity to marry their best friend, create their own family, and feel like the luckiest people in the world. We want to see the air quotes taken out of the “wife” and “husband” that come with gay partnerships. Partners can be everything: dancing partners, parenting partners, partners in crime. Whatever type of partner they may be they are partners in life. 

This topic isn’t about evolving on an issue as politicians like to say. Gay marriage and the equality that it brings isn’t merely a political, religious or even moral debate. At its core, this is a human rights issue. It’s about an awakening for our country and the eyes of whoever else is watching. Opening your heart is freeing others to share their hearts as well.

Love is the most sought after Holy Grail. It has the ability to be uplifting, inspirational and empowering, yet selfless and grounding. It’s what practically every girl in the world prays for, and what every man hopes to find. It’s a universal feeling that every girl can relate whether you’re the one falling for the hunky vampire or the one rooting for them to end up together. Let’s all save our judgments behind this issue for something that diminishes exactly what love is about like the “Bachelors” and “Bachelorettes” of the world. Well, except Sean and Catherine. 

We aren’t pushing for this because it’s good for business. We aren’t simply in the wedding shoe business; we are in the business of love and we stand by it and all that it has to offer to lovers all over this great country. We stand by Love, and the rights it offers. Getting angry because someone else’s love is not your cup of tea is like being mad at them for eating a pizza because you’re on a diet. If someone can love another as wholeheartedly as you and I can, if they can imagine the ferocity of the love that exists between man and man or woman and woman, that kind of love is always worth rooting for. 

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