Whether you’re a bohemian bride or you lean toward elegance, there’s a perfect plait for you. NYC bridal hairstylist Stacy Pitt gives us the scoop on the hottest bridal braids right now (and how to create them!).


It’s official: The braid is back! This versatile hairstyle has so many variations (fishtail, halo, French, Dutch, headband … the list goes on!) that it’s enough to make your head spin. So we asked bridal hairstylist Stacy Pitt to let us in on the five trendiest bridal braids, and how we can recreate the look ourselves.


The Fishtail

“This is a great braid for messy styles, letting the braid run down the side of your shoulder, or it can look great straight to the back and done cleanly,” says Pitt. Bohemian chic or sophisticatedly sweet, this 90s favorite is a great spin on the traditional braid.

How to: Put the hair in a side pony and separate into two sections, just above the ear. Pull a small piece of hair from the back of Section 1 around to the front of Section 2, then cross over to the back of Section 2. Repeat 1:1 with Sections 1 and 2 until you reach the bottom. Once fastened, take the middle of the braid and gently pull on each side, loosening the hair and giving a “fishtail” look.


The French Braid

This up-do is elegant and polished and can be left as is, or be a basis for a more elaborate look (wrapped in a chignon, doubled, side-swept).

How to: Start with three very small sections at the top of the braid. Like a regular braid, cross left over the center to right, and right over the center to left, without pulling too taught–you want a chunky, dimensional look. After left and right, pick up a little more hair and repeat until you reach the bottom.


The Braided Bun: “Braided buns are very popular for those who don’t want to frame the face,” says Pitt. Tousle hair for a beach chic look, or pull tight for sophisticated glam.

 How to: Simply braid the top of your hair in your preferred plait. Angle the braid either to the back or side and as you get to the nape of the neck, secure with a rubber band. Take the remaining hair and either 1. Tease and messily secure in bun shape with bobby pins, or 2. Smooth out the hair and twist up in a bun form.


The Hairline Braid: This adds a whimsical, textured element to any bridal hairstyle. “Recently, I’ve had many girls wanting to embrace the braid, but not so drastically. So I plait the hair across the hairline into down styles, featuring soft waves.”

How to: Part your hair deep, and then braid alongside the hairline, similar to the French, except crossing under instead over (this type is called a Dutch braid). Secure and style.


Accent Braids (above and below): Small braids can be added to more traditional styles to add texture and unexpected flair.

How to: Separate small pieces of hair and braid. Secure and style.



Photo credits: Stacy Pitt; Fishtail braid photo: Missy Photography