Don’t worry, bears, we didn’t forget about you. Larger guys need a great fitting suit for their wedding day, too! If you are a little bigger (and let’s be real, that’s a very good thing if you catch our drift), keep these tips in mind from Commonwealth Proper Founder Craig Schroeder when searching for the perfect suit to say “I do” in.


circle_1 A man’s suit, and all of its details, should be proportional to his particular body. A larger man can wear wider jacket lapels than a smaller man.
circle_2 Pant lengths come in three categories: “full break,” “half break” and “no break.” This describes whether the pant leg hits the ankle and shoe and folds down fully, halfway or not at all.  Any of these styles is appropriate depending on the taste of the wearer.  Find you length and stick with it.
circle_3 Shirt cuffs should extend 1/4 to 1/2 inch out of your jacket sleeve when your arms are at your sides.
circle_4 Jacket length should be approximately the length of your middle thumb knuckles when your arms are at your sides. In general, the jacket should cut your body in half so that your jacket and pants are of the same size, making the wearer look well proportioned.
circle_5 Opt for two-button or one-button jacket over three buttons. The jacket opening, which is formed when the top button is done, is usually deeper in two-button and one- button models. A deeper opening provides a more succinct look.
circle_6 Finally, find a tailor you like and make him a lifelong friend.