You only get one shot at your first marriage. Once you say “I Do,” you’re on a new path — hopefully a long and happy marriage. Here’s how to look your best on your very special day.


Plan ahead. That’s the first thing. The morning of your wedding isn’t the time to experiment with hair and makeup, nail polish or anything else. You should have already figured that stuff out. No. This is the time to start implementing everything you’ve planned out.

Your hair should be perfect, and so should your nails and makeup. You should have already tested out colors and styles so that all you have to do it put everything together. In fact, you shouldn’t be putting anything together — your hair and makeup person should be doing this for you.

If having a bright, white smile is important to you, you should have already gotten your teeth whitened, so there should be no experimenting with this. In fact, if you haven’t taken care of your teeth yet, you should go to your dentist today and get going on that process. Can’t afford it? Go here to find out more about discount plans.

Same with your hair, nails, and makeup. Do not wait.


Practice with different hairstyles. Try on at least 5 different ones until you find one that you love. Once you do find one you love, have your hair stylist practice it several times so that you get it down pat.

Practice wearing the style all day and see how it fares in normal weather. Think about the photos that will be taken on your wedding day. Do you want this hairstyle in those photos for 20 years? 30 years? Will you look back and think how cute you were or “oh my god what was I thinking?”

Beauty Tips

Look for inspiration and start tearing out pictures of women/men you like in magazines. Search for images online. When you see something that you like, save it. Be conscious of your dress, your veil, your suit. It’s important that your style fits with your wardrobe and not the other way round.

Get a trim so you don’t have split ends. And, get a nice deep conditioning treatment by slathering your hair with a moisture mask to help repair and replenish your hair’s tresses. Finally, don’t forget to get a wax. Go for whatever you think you need. Many women, after the fact, admit to getting a full “Brazilian wax.” If you want to get that done, do it about a week in advance of your wedding.

Wash your hair the day before, not the day of. The extra oils in your hair that come after 12 or 14 hours of your last wash will help with styling.

How To Have Flawless Skin The Day Of

If you want flawless skin on the day of, make sure you remove all makeup and oils the night before the big day. One night of sleep with makeup on your face can make it look dull and dry. So, do a good job cleaning it and really focus on moisturizing it.

Use a good facial cleanser but do not exfoliate. It will take a few days to heal from most types of exfoliation and you don’t want to be messing around with that close to your wedding day.

Do Your Eyes

If you’re worried about your eyes, specifically your tears, on the wedding day, you should take steps to prevent running makeup. Tears, and a nervous night’s sleep, can make your eyes look tired and droopy, too. So, keep the skin around your eyes in tip top shape before the big day. And, invest in a good makeup artist who uses airbrushed makeup that will stick for the entire day and will not run.

If you want a tip for keeping your eyes looking great, put a couple of spoons in a ice water and let them get really cold. This should take no more than 5 minutes. Now, lie down and place the icy spoons over your eyes. You’ll feel your skin start to depuff and come alive.

It’s refreshing and will show in your pictures.

There are so many more things you can do for your wedding day. But, if you stick with these basics, you’ll be way ahead of most brides, grooms, “brooms”, etc. Remember to relax on the day of. To do that, you need to have everything worked out about a week in advance so you can relax during the days leading up to the wedding.