The jewelry, the bold splashes of color, the dancing—there are few wedding motifs as bright and glamorous as an Indian wedding. Even if you or your partner are not from India, you can embrace the look of a Bollywood-themed wedding to add a dash of the exotic to your big day.


bollywood-inspired-embellishment-sweetsaucy bollywood-inspired-lights
bollywood-inspired-sari-elizabeth bollywood-inspired-clothing-duvasi

Saris usually wrap women in deep, rich hues and beautifully ornate embroidery. You can use sari fabric to dress up tables or to drape off of different areas of your venue.

You don’t have to cover yourself in jewels to add glitter to a Bollywood-style wedding. Try adding crystals to vases and other table décor. And don’t forget candles! They help everything sparkle.

Indian weddings are known for their bold colors, and you can embrace this with your tablescape by focusing on jewel tones that complement each other and adding touches of gold or silver.

Add whimsy to a table display with lanterns decorated with an Indian flair. Anything etched with fine detail will add texture to your complete look.

At Indian weddings, the married couple is surrounded in opulence with beautiful drapery and flowers. Create a special canopy above your sweetheart table and frame your new union.

Indian scrolls and decorative touches will add an exotic touch to your wedding cake, showing off your Bollywood theme in the small details that make a big impact.

The key here is in the detail, so look for a wedding dress with lace, embroidery, shine and glitter. For jewelry, don’t be afraid to pile it on the glitter—the more, the better! And for hair and makeup, go for a sleek, intricate hairstyle that lets your face—with smoky, deeply lined eyes—be the focal point. 

—Jennifer Dome