Lizzo is once again changing the fashion game with a new gender-neutral shapewear line, YOUR SKIN, launching at YITTY in late summer 2023. The four-time Grammy award–winning musician announced March 30 that her clothing brand will soon include gender-affirming shapewear, including binders and tucking thongs for all gender identities.

In addition to her staunch support of LGBTQ+ rights, Lizzo has already demonstrated her commitment to catering to all bodies, providing true size inclusivity with the range and tailoring of YITTY sizing. The presence of a gender-neutral shapewear line with built-in popularity thanks to the singer’s well-earned cultural reverence is a huge win for visibility and accessibility to gender-affirming fashion.


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“When we say we support every body, we mean it,” read the launch announcement on YITTY’s Instagram account. “We believe in radical self love for people of all gender identities—including the trans, nonbinary, genderfluid and gender nonconforming communities that have been chronically underserved. So, we decided to take our expertise and create styles that serve those very same communities.” The caption concluded: “And this is just the beginning. We hope you can feel the love in every stitch.”

In the wake of a national onslaught of bills targeting trans and nonbinary youth, as well as the queer community more broadly, Lizzo has remained a vocal supporter of LGBTQ+ rights, denouncing bigoted legislation. Her dedication to inclusivity and affirmation with YOUR SKIN and leveraging her platform are not going unnoticed. We are so excited to see what the collection has in store later this year.

Featured image via Lizzo and YITTY