Trenika and Megan

My girlfriend of almost two years was visiting for the weekend in late April, and the evening became a night I’ll never forget. We’re in a long-distance relationship now, but long ago we were high-school classmates. Megan found me on Facebook in February 2011, and we’ve been together ever since. On April 27, 2013, we went to dinner at our favorite hibachi restaurant. 

The waiter must have been new because he couldn’t get our order right, and the tricks he was pulling out of his sleeve weren’t that great either. My girlfriend just kept telling me not to let it ruin our night. She looked frazzled and extremely nervous, so I said, “Baby, what’s wrong? Are you OK?”

“Yes,” she replied, and then she said, “I’m going to the bar to get a shot.”

She returned about 10 minutes later. So I asked her, “What did you order?” She replied a shot of vodka.

We began eating and I’m starving at this point. As I’m devouring my dinner, she asked me if she can read me a poem she wrote for me. I said sure and kept on eating. All I hear is last-minute flights, rental cars and parking lots, eventually a light bulb went off in my head and advised me to listen closely to the words being spoken to me. As I turned my head left, I see a waitress over in the corner with a camera and my girlfriend bending down on one knee.

She gently takes my hand and continues reading the last four lines of the poem “We are ready to move forward and share the rest of our lives, lets make it official and start with my proposal, will you be my WIFE.” 🙂

As we gazed in each others eyes, I couldn’t believe what she had just asked me, and I replied with a “Yes” as in “Yes, I will be your wife.” In complete shock, my mouth still wide open. Soon the other people at our table start saying congratulations, next it was the waitress saying “Aw, congratulations! What a beautiful ring.” “Thank you,” I replied, while staring at this gorgeous diamond.

Filled with so much emotion, we weren’t hungry at all, so the waitress packed up our dinner and offered us dessert on the house, which we didn’t eat either. We were so excited to get home, we couldn’t stand the thought of staying there for one more second. Still shocked, but happier than ever I had come into this restaurant with my girlfriend but I was leaving with my fiancee. This was truly a night to remember.

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