Luvs, the diaper company that refers to itself as “The Official Diaper of Experienced Parents,” has released its latest commercial, and it’s hilarious. Known for first-time versus second-time parenting commercials, Luvs has added two dads to its repertoire of videos that showcase the stereotypical extremist behavior of first-time parents as compared to the lackadaisical traits of parents when they have their second child.

The commercial features two dads at their child’s first haircut, being overprotective, questioning the barber and capturing the moment in photos. Classic behavior of parents with a first child, taking in every experience and worrying about their kid’s every move. By the second child, parents have that first-time experience, which explains why the stereotype is that they tend to be more relaxed. In the case of this video, the two fathers skip the barber altogether, throwing a bowl of their second child’s hair and using it to give their little one a crooked snip.

While Luvs has yet to add it to their video collection on their brand website, it is on their Luvs Diapers YouTube channel, and has reached over 25 thousand views.