pink pig pinata  rachael grace photographyWhen my wife and I were planning our June nuptials for last year, we wanted to personalize the day as much as possible. We wanted our wedding to stand out to our family and friends. I think we achieved that just with us having a same-sex wedding alone, since most of our guests hadn’t ever attended one before, including many of our gay and lesbian friends. But we wanted to personalize it even more than that, which we did with special napkins, loads of edible favors covered with our names and wedding date, a signature cocktail, special toasts throughout the evening and many more little touches.

To personalize your wedding, start by sitting down and taking a few minutes to reflect either together or alone on what makes you stand out to your friends. Are you the funny couple that keeps the group in stitches? Maybe a SmileBooth where guests can get goofy and make memories for your album would be perfect for you. Or is your love of nature so overwhelmingly apparent that people thought you were going to get married in a tree house or on the top of a mountain? No one said you have to get married in a house of worship. Do it somewhere original! Have kids of your own or inviting kids to join in the fun at your reception? Why not go whole hog with a pinata for the kids (and maybe for the adults, too!).

Whatever you do, make the day about you. Your wedding is a time for you and your guests to celebrate you two as lifelong partners, and any special touch for reminding everyone of this will be remembered.

Pink pig pinata photographed by Rachael Grace Photography