Sarah, a.k.a. Miss Cake, began her career making cakes (hence the name) and after noticing a lack of modern cake toppers, she decided to fill that void with some whimsical sets. Her acrylic designs are bright and oh-so-charming and can instantly transform even the most basic wedding cake into a masterpiece.


Based in the UK, her toppers feature song lyrics, cheeky script, customized names and same-sex couple options, all in fabulous modern font with a range of 12 popping hues to choose from.

“When I think of couples and marriage I don’t necessarily think of just the standard ‘Mr & Mrs’ as a lot of the wedding industry seems to,” says Sarah. “Some of my best friends are gay and I live near to Brighton in the UK, which has a thriving gay community so I guess to me it only seems right to include same-sex products.”



They can be shipped to the States and range in pricing from £2.99 for a cupcake topper to £29.99 for a cake-size one (approximately $4.65 to $46.61 in USD).