Engaged couples are shifting their focus from what varietals of wine and Champagne they should serve at their wedding to beer. Nowadays, craft brews are immensely popular at weddings, with couples wanting to share their local favorites with guests. David White, brewmaster at The First “Out and Proud LGBT Brewery,” Hillcrest Brewing Company in San Diego, says that as Americans become more educated about the varieties of beers available, they’re more acceptable at special occasions, such as weddings. “I think craft beer is becoming every bit as sophisticated a beverage as any wine now,” White says. “Not only are craft breweries, particularly the smaller ones, pushing the boundaries of traditional beer-making, but the American palate in general has become more sensitive to the subtleties of microbrews. The whole mentality is changing. No longer is beer a ‘low-brow’ common drink.”


Whether you decide to pick your own favorites among the local craft brews in your area, or you offer a variety to take into account for the different tastes of your guests is up to you. White suggests that pale ales, lagers and, to some extent, ambers should satisfy your guests’ preferences. “Many breweries offer ‘variety packs,’ allowing one to sample many different types of beers. With individual tastes varying drastically from person to person, even among ‘beer geeks,’ the types of beers one would offer at a wedding may be as diverse as the weddings themselves,” White says. As for Hillcrest brews, White says if you are in Southern California he would suggest their IPA, cleverly called Hoppy Endings.

Try these crafty ideas for serving beer at your wedding:




Create custom labels for the beers you serve at your reception. Get started at Mint Design Blog.





Leave a selection of chilled beers at each table for easy access.






Create a beverage station with a variety of drinks, including your craft brew choices.


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