Your wedding invitation will be the first wedding detail your guests will see. In addition to the date, time and location of your wedding, you can also give family and friends a glimpse at your wedding’s overall look and feel—elegant and formal, fun and laidback, quirky and imaginative. Your wedding invitation set includes an outer envelope, inner envelope (if you want) and reply card set, and all can be designed to complement your wedding’s color palette and theme.


I spoke with BRIDES magazine’s Wedding Style Director, Maria McBride, about how couples can design a unique wedding invitation suite for their big day so their invitation makes an impression on their guests. Here’s what she had to say:

  1. The sexiest way to dress up an invitation: envelope liners. Liners add a punch of color, pattern and sophistication instantly, and add a layer of privacy if you’re opting to do without an inner envelope.
  2. Design a graphic motif for your return address on the outer envelope. An illustration, bordered box or monogram are clever options that make your invitation stand out before it’s even opened.
  3. Look for a calligraphic font to letter envelopes digitally if you can’t afford a calligrapher and don’t have great penmanship.
  4. Custom postage stamp designs are the way to go, don’t leave the look of your stamp up to Uncle Sam.*

And while working with a stationer, don’t forget to discuss the day-of details you may need: table numbers, seating and place cards, menu cards, favor tags and programs. Talk to your stationer about ordering items which will match your wedding invitation’s design so all of the items in your wedding stationery wardrobe are cohesive.

Special Stationery Event: Maria McBride will be at Judy Paulen Designs at Bloomingdale’s 59th Street in New York City to discuss wedding trends on Tuesday, March 6 from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m.  During the event you’ll be able to view the new BRIDES Fine Wedding Papers collection and meet with a design expert to help you design your wedding invitation.  You’ll receive 25 free invitation sets when you order 75 or more. RSVP to

*Tip from Anne: is a great resource for creative stamp designs. The site also allows you to design your own, too.