For couples who are looking for a wedding-themed stamp for their invitations, the U.S. post office just released a 65-cent wedding cake stamp issued in sheets of 20. The cake is a classic white design with buttercream swirls on each tier and a white floral topper. The stamp can be used for invitations that weigh up to two ounces, as well as other First Class mail, such as an oversized save-the-date card. You can purchase the stamps at your local post office or order them at


Here are a few tips for mailing your wedding invitations:

  1. Don’t guess the amount of postage your invitation will need. Take it to the post office and have the teller weigh it.
  2. Mail yourself a test invite to ensure that the postage you put on the outer envelope is correct.
  3. To avoid the computerized strips of lines from appearing on the outer envelope, ask the post office to hand cancel each invitation. There may be a fee for this service.
  4. Don’t forget to put a 45-cent stamp on the reply card envelope so your guests can easily mail their RSVP to you.