Regardless of your skin care goal, Organic Male has a four-step solution to give you better skin before the big day.

With your wedding quickly approaching, your skin suddenly becomes a priority in prep for those close-ups, and a man’s skin chemistry is much more complicated than what a swipe of Irish Spring can achieve. Organic Male tackles gender-specific issues associated with male skin in four color-coded collections (sensitive, oil, normal, dry), as well as its latest Encore Collection of special products for an anti-aging regimen featuring a resurfacing scrub, age-defying moisture complex, line eraser eye gel and an herbal shaving emulsion.


Cleanse, tone and moisturize are all familiar steps in a men’s skin care routine. What I like about the Organic Male OM4 collection is it includes a fourth (and very important, yet often overlooked) step—bioactivate. Used before moisturizing, the serum penetrates and nourishes the deeper levels of your skin, repairing from the inside out and truly making your skin healthier, not just look great on the surface. The four-step process takes approximately four minutes to apply, allowing for even the most on-the-go groom to fit it into his hectic schedule. The organic ingredients give off a sexy, earthy aroma that both you and your groom will enjoy, and the collections are available in travel-sized packets so you can be sure you continue having great skin during your honeymoon.

Available at for $35-$55; Encore Collection: $19-$60.