Hand-crafted treats on a stick have been a growing trend for wedding receptions as customizable confections, such as brownies and tiny cakes, are dipped and devoured as delicious takeaway treats for guests. But we’re seeing even more sweets, beyond the cake-based kind, being speared for wedding receptions.


We recently visited Popbar in New York City, which caters to the pop treat phenomenon but with a new tasty twist. It offers on-the-stick versions of artisanal gelato, sorbet and yogurt in a variety of customizable flavors and toppings, and in the comapny’s special miniPop sizing, are ideal for weddings. All are made fresh with real fruit, no preservatives or artificial flavorings, are kosher-certified and include options for vegan and gluten-free customers. And we can vouch that the taste is divine. The miniPops are currently available for delivery only in the tri-state area (though there are talks of expanding in the near future) with pricing starting at $60 for 25. Those that live in driving distance, Popbar can put your order in a special thermal box for pick-up, which keeps your desserts chilled for over three hours.


Guests can customize how rich they want their hot chocolate by how much they let melt into the milk.
Needless to say, we melted all of ours.

Popbar’s latest creation is hot chocolate on a stick, which would be perfect for a winter wedding. Available on its Amazon shop, they can be shipped nationwide with bulk pricing starting at 100 pieces.  You can choose from dark, milk or vanilla white chocolate. The hot chocolate comes in cube form on a wooden stick, and guests stir into warm milk, melting the chocolate to their own personal tastes.