hurricane-sandy-same-sex-marriageAs the Northeast preps for Hurricane Sandy, the “Frankenstorm” of the century, radical right-wing religious folks are pointing fingers at the LGBT community for its wrath.

Yes, it’s not the storm system or even the coastal locations of the cities getting hit the hardest that is reason to blame—per ultra conservative-slash-crazy William Frederick, it’s the fact that those cities have allowed marriage equality. He writes on his blog:

“America, and especially the East coast states, have been attacking traditional marriage and have also been forefront in stopping unwanted childbirths. These are abominations to God, which He will bring retribution upon with severe judgment. What states allow same-sex civil unions? Hawaii, Delaware, Illinois, New Jersey and Rhode Island. What states allow same-sex marriage? Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York and the District of Columbia. Hmm … where is this storm headed?”

And he’s not the only one. Religious leader John McTernan, who has made similar allusions with Hurricanes Katrina and Isaac, has claimed that “God is systematically destroying America” because of our “homosexual agenda.”

If I remember my fifth grade science class accurately, hurricanes are created from hot air, but the only hot air I see in this scenario is coming from the preachers.