Gay marriage supporters did not collect the 694,354 signatures needed to add a measure that would repeal California’s ban on same-sex marriage to the ballot this November. Despite polls that show a majority of Californians now support same-sex marriage, backers of the initiative did not meet Monday’s deadline to submit the required signatures to the Secretary of State’s Office. Leaders of the effort believe that the defeat came in part because several major gay rights groups, including Equality California, favored a 2012 repeal of Prop 8 rather than pushing to have it added to the 2010 ballot.

Despite this disagreement among gay-marriage activists, Sean Bohac, chairman of Restore Equality 2010, expects that same-sex marriage supporters will unite and work toward repealing Prop 8 in 2012. Meanwhile, a constitutional challenge to Prop 8 is still pending in federal court in San Francisco. U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker has yet to set a date to hear closing arguments.

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