When it comes to makeup on your wedding day, the options are endless. Airbrush makeup, which boasts a Photoshop-smooth look, is a trend that many brides consider for their big day. To get an in-depth view on the good and bad of the trend, we spoke to two highly noted makeup artist professionals.

Dina Ousley, president and founder of Dinair Airbrush Makeup, revealed the benefits of airbrush makeup application.


  • “Dinair lasts up to 12 hours without smearing, running, fading or caking.”
SHORT APPLICATION PROCESS   “After a little practice, the application takes about three to five minutes. It’s super easy to use, so the client can do it themselves.”

SIMPLE REMOVAL “You can use water and your regular facial cleanser, or good ol’ makeup removal will work just as well.”

COST “Our makeup starts at $12 and we have payment plans for the airbrush kits that start at $29.99.” The Dinair kits are priced between $159.75-$259.

On the flip side, Matt Rezaiyan, a celebrity makeup artist with an accreditation in bridal, fashion and editorial makeup at the Paul Mitchell signature school of cosmology, avoids using airbrush makeup and relies on conventional makeup.


LESS CONTROL “[There is] less control [over applying the base and contouring], and contrary to popular belief, it usually does not last as long [as conventional makeup], that is, if conventional makeup is applied and blended correctly.”
STREAKY “Again, [airbrush makeup] doesn’t last as long, especially if it is water-based. That is exactly why I never recommend it to brides. They tend to get emotional and cry and since airbrush just sits on the surface of the skin, and not as full coverage of conventional makeup, I have found it negative for such event.”
LIMITED LOOK “[Airbrush makeup] looks natural if done right; it’s great for special effects or an event where the person can be constantly touched up. Airbrush will look natural for a limited time, but will move.”