Salon Selective
Ensure a satisfying and safe nail salon experience with these beneficial guidelines

Photo: Vitaly Raduntsev

Looking good from head to toe on your big day is a must. Infected tips and toes are not!

Nail infections and fungus are not a good look. They are usually shared by clients who are already infected and spread when salons don’t property clean or disinfect between clients.

“[Nail infections] are found in dirty implements and also can be found in water, because water carries bacteria,” warns Skyy Hadley, celebrity manicurist and owner of As U Wish Nail Spa in Hoboken, NJ. “It is caused by being unclean from dirt build up. If it goes undetected, you would get [a] black/green stain on the toenail and the nail will separate from the skin. Once this happens, it is very hard to rid the infection.”

These infections are usually more of a cosmetic problem, but can be a danger for people with diabetes or weak immune systems.

Hadley, a favorite of celebs such as Uma Thurman, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Liv Tyler and Alicia Keys, provides these tips to save your tootsies.

salon-selective-image1 Skyy Hadley’s top standards you should look for in your nails salons:

• Certification or a health clean bill
• Hand sanitizer on each station stating that they keep the area and their hands germ/bacteria clean
• Implements should always be cleaned first in either in a UV or sanitizer machine
• No debris or dust from the previous client should be on the table
• A clean white towel

She also suggests bringing your own tools and hand sanitizer.

Photo: Courtesy of Skyy Hadley

Here’s to leaving your next salon visit with happy feet and not one of these unwanted gifts!