It’s hard to buy the perfect gift and as a guest at a wedding you shouldn’t be the one stressing out—that’s the brides’ and grooms’ job, right?

With the help of a new site,, you can easily shop for gifts for every occasion—the wedding, the holidays, a birthday. The site asks you to answer a few questions on the person or couple you’re shopping for. What their closet looks like—style of the clothes as well as their organizing skills—foodie interests, where they live, play and what they listen to. You can also share your relationship (friend, sister, brother, etc.).


After the quick survey, choose your price point and a selection of gift ideas will be displayed. Choose your 16 favorites and then create a personalized gift catalog that can be shared via email or Facebook, or have one printed and sent to the receiver of the gift by mail for them to choose what they want and the gift is mailed directly to them.

It’s quite fun to play with. You can try it now at