So you’ve just tied the knot and are about to be swept off to some tropical clime for a romantic rendevous. Do you wear your wedding ring? Your engagement ring? The cost of your rings are likely the most you and your partner have spent on rings, and even if not, the bands alone are sentimental beyond any cash value.

Also, here’s an uncomfortable secret: Newlyweds often lose their wedding / engagement rings while on their honeymoons. Between trekking to/from the airport, crowded sightseeing spaces, swimming in paradise, and well, let’s be honest, romps between the sheets, wedding bling is lost more often than most realize.

What’s a newlywed to do? We’ve rounded up some tips from the experts at, a leading jewelry site for those who love extravagant-looking jewelry but prefer budget-friendly prices. We’ve seen the rings in person, and they’re gorgeous. Seriously. 


Berricle sterling silver round and princess cubic zirconia eternity band ringstyle number r262$59.99



Rule #1: If you would be heartbroken to lose it, leave it at home and instead wear a great looking faux that will still let you enjoy the look of wearing a beautiful ring.

Rule #2: Swap the real baubles for similar cubic zirconia styles in the same cut, size and shape of their real engagement ring and wedding band combo, putting weary travelers at ease.

Rule #3: Make sure the faux stunner is of good quality. You don’t want your stand-in ring to look like it’s anything but the real thing. Opt for a cubic zirconia grade of 3 or higher to ensure that the look is just as sparkly as your authentic stone.

Rule #4: Upon your return home, remember to mark which ring is real and which is faux, especially if they are replicas of each other. You don’t want to mix up the real version with one that you wouldn’t mind losing in the ocean.

Rule #5: This sneaky trick is not only for honeymoon travel. Whether you’re at the gym, playing sports, swimming or doing yard work, you can never be too cautious when it comes to keeping your most prized possession safe and sound.